Nerium Reviews – The Straight Talk

If you are checking out the Nerium Reviews, my guess is you are curious about the buzz that you have heard about the Nerium business opportunity or the Nerium AD® Age-Defying Treatment products.


Many of the nerium reviews that you will find using Google aren’t Nerium reviews at all.

They are what I call bait and switches, meaning the crafty person who wrote the article or did a video is really selling something else.  It is sad but true.

The unfortunate truth is many companies and their leaders in the direct selling industry are full of hype, empty promises and knock off products.

You won’t find that at Nerium International™.

It is made up of real people, real science that create a real opportunity.

A Personal Message From Jeff Olson, January 2015


Jeff Olson Nerium Founder

    • Youngest Company ever featured on cover of “Success from Home” magazine – 3 times in less than 3 years
    • $100 Million in annual sales in first year with just one product in United States only
    • Fastest growing Company in Direct Sales; Earned the “Bravo Growth Award”
    • 2012 Nerium was 86th largest company in Direct Sales worldwide in first year of business
    • 2013 Nerium sales exceeded $219 Million
    • 2013 Nerium was 54th largest company in Direct Sales worldwide in second year of business
    • 2014 Nerium sales exceeded $400 Million
    • Youngest Company ever featured on the cover of “Beautiful You” magazine – 3 times in less than 3 years
    • NY Times Best Selling author of The Slight Edge, over 2.5 million copies of Success For Teens given away!
    • The genius and creator of the Live Happy magazine
    • The only relationship marketing CEO to be asked to speak at the United Nations!
    • Team Leader, Terry Petrovick is $50,000 Live Better Bonus Earner, Industry Leader and Radio Talk Show Host


I am the host of a radio show that is broadcasted in over 120 countries. It is called “Straight Talk with Terry Petrovick.”

My listeners are people like you who want to know how to succeed in the home business profession.

What’s my track record?

I am a National Marketing Director with Nerium International. This the highest leader position in the company.  My wife and I have earned our $50,000 Live Better Bonus.

Terry and Amy NMD Congrats

I’ve been working at home full time for 18 years, I’ve earned $1,000,000+ and I’ve helped people on my team earn $1,000,000+.

I’ve been marketing and training online since 2008 and you can believe I get pitched everyday on the latest money making scheme and the ‘best’ products online today.

I get so sick of the hype.

With your permission, and pardon my strong language… I’m going to cut through the crap and tell you the truth and reveal as much as I can and share the Nerium Truth.

First things first…don’t believe a word  from people who claim this to be a Nerium scam.

Nerium International is the SIXTH company in the WORLD to reach a BILLION in sales in less than 5 years.  Apple did it in ’76, Google in ’98 and it took Mary Kay 20 years to hit 300 million.

Nerium hit $400 MILLION in just 33 months, and one country. On July 1st. we opened Canada. On October 2, 2014 we are expanding into our 3rd country.

We are witnessing Hollywood legends, Professional Athletes, and CEO’s walk away from BILLION dollar companies, to join Nerium. This is a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME OPPORTUNITY, please share with other you know. then contact me to get the latest information and understand your options.


I just got back from a Nerium Leadership trip in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with Founder, Jeff Olson and all the top leaders of Nerium International and all I can say is now is the perfect time to get involved with Nerium.

Nerium Reviews and The Top Leaders in Cabo, Mexico

The Top Leaders in Los Cabo, Mexico. I’m the guy on the right with his hands up in the air.


Nerium Reviews – The Management

Jeff Olson is the main co-founder. Jeff is also the author of best selling book, “The Slight Edge.”

The “Slight Edge” book is promoted by more direct selling companies than any other book in the industry because it teaches a philosophy to master the mundane and to go slow to go fast.

Most leaders and companies hype the ‘quantum leap’ approach to making money. You won’t find that in Nerium.

Jeff Olson is known in the industry as the “Millionaire Maker”.

He is so respected in the Direct Selling industry that for the last 15 consecutive years he has been elected by his peers to give the closing keynote speech at the annual direct sales meeting.

The remaining management team has well over 150 years experience in the direct selling profession.

So, while it is a very young company, the wisdom of its leadership is strong and proven.

The Olson Family

Renee, Jeff and Amber Olson

One more thing, it’s important as you consider in your nerium reviews…

Jeff is mentoring his daughter Amber Olson Rourke to take over the company. Jeff is working to build the perfect company and his legacy for his family.

This is a clue that this company will be built to last for generations.

Brand Partners Can Create Income Security

Brand Partners (reps) have the potential to create a long-term business income stream because Jeff Olson knows who he is and where he is taking Nerium International.

Everything is very well thought out.

This man cannot be shaken.

Nerium International launched organically. There was no hype, no prelaunch. It was built one person at a time; they went slow to go fast (just like the Slight Edge).

The market segment that Nerium is in is skincare and anti-aging.

Did you know that anti-aging is currently growing at $1 Billion per month right now in the USA.

I had no idea when I was first exposed to this company and opportunity.

You might say to yourself like I did, “But there are tons of beauty and skincare products on the market.”   And yes that is true. The sad truth is that very few do what they promise.

Here’s what I can tell you about the Nerium AD product it is:

  • a true age-defying product
  • noncomedogenic
  • paraben free
  • gluten free
  • cruelty free
  • safe/ideal for all skin types
  • improves/reduces/eliminates/fades the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles/discoloration/skin texture/aging skin/etc.

Nerium Reviews – The Real Science

In the video below, Dr. Robert Newman discusses Nerium AD Age-Defying Treatment.

Nerium International partnered with Nerium SkinCareTM. (a subsidiary of Nerium Biotechnology, Inc.®). For 12 years, Nerium Biotech has been developing wellness and skin care solutions. If you really want to go behind the curtain to really understand this discovery and checkout the Nerium reviews at

While testing the uses of Nerium oleander molecule on some health problems such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and skin cancer, Nerium Biotech made an amazing accidental discovery: that Nerium oleander has unique qualities that produce remarkable age-defying results when applied to the skin.

The result was Nerium AD (Age Defying).

Nerium AD is a night cream that targets: fine lines and wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, and aging or sun-damaged skin.

Success Can Equal Failure

Every successful company in the Direct Sales industry has a unique story.

Unfortunately, most successful companies have been knocked off. An example is Noni juice. It was a great product with lots of health benefits but then Xango, MonaVie, Vemma created similar products.

Basically they are all juices with anti-oxidants. Next, the retailers got it and today you find these in Costco, Wal-Mart, Walgreens.

Their business models began to crumble because there was no barrier of entry.

Jeff Olson knew this prior to starting Nerium International. What you will discover the deeper you look into your nerium reviews is that Nerium has a HUGE barrier of entry.

It is estimated that it would take 10 or more years to cultivate the Nerium Oleander fields because they are a medical grade. Each oleander plant is valued at $125,000 and we have tens of thousands of them.

Nerium controls this product from the seed to the bottle to the end consumer.

A Field of Life

Will the Retailers get to us?

That won’t happen because of our fields, extraction process and our patent.

It is the NAE-8 extract that makes Nerium AD work so well. This NAE-8 extract will be part of the entire Nerium product line.

The Clinical Trials

The fact is there are so many beauty and anti-aging products on the market it is crazy. Again there are lots of empty promises.

Everyone wants better youthful and healthy looking skin.

This is why the first thing you see when you are at a shopping mall as you walk into a department store is beauty.

Unfortunately, most products on the market simply do not work as advertised. If a product gets a 2-5% improvement it is considered a big deal.

When Nerium International hired the third party research firm ST&T to conduct independent clinical trials. ST&T researchers were shocked. In fact they recalibrated their equipment twice for the Nerium AD testing because they had never seen any product have the results that Nerium AD was getting.

While the range of 2 to 5% was what they were expecting, Nerium AD had a range of 8 to 67% improvement or reduction of fine line, deep lines and wrinkles.

As you consider what I have shared, be sure to checkout this Paramedical Esthetician Nerium reviews.

Want to Look 10 Yrs Younger?

I think almost everyone wants to! Just check out these Nerium Consumer Reviews and Nerium before and after photos below…


In the video, below you will see how this discovery is helping people look 8 to 12 years younger.

I met some new friends the other day and someone guessed my age at 37 yrs. old and I’m actual 57 yrs. old. I must say that is a great feeling.

You can find many before and after photos at

Nerium AD is a true breakthrough discovery in anti-aging that you will love.

Nerium Reviews – The Business Potential

Nerium’s Bravo Growth Award

To date, Nerium International has broken almost every sales record in the direct selling industry. Sales projections for 2013 are $300 Million.

They will have paid out $100 Million in commissions in 2013.

It received the Bravo Growth Award by Direct Selling News for 3900% growth in 2012 and the youngest company to be in the Top 100 Sales of all Direct Selling Companies.

It is the youngest company ever to be featured in “Success From Home” and the “Beautiful You” magazines twice each!

This was all done in the first year in business!

This is called a clue!

International expansion is expected in Canada, Mexico and Japan.

2014 is expected to be the year when Nerium goes into full momentum globally.

Nerium Compensation Plan

You might be saying to yourself all this sounds too good, how does the compensation plan work and how to I make money?

NEW Promotion Incentive Until 3/31/2015!  This is serious ‘add on’ income for the new person.

The pay plan is referred to as a unigen plan. It pays on generations!

The Nerium comp plan is similar to that of the top multi-billion dollar companies in this profession.

People are encouraged to build just three legs. So if you can picture a team that grows 3×3 you can understand the basics of the Nerium Comp Plan.

The payout is a very generous rate of 50%.

Here are the basics of the Nerium Compensation Plan.

Here’s the Nerium Game Charger… they give product away for FREE!

When you enroll a Preferred Customer (some one who just wants to use the product and not make money, it costs them $80) you earn a commission and get a free bottle of Nerium AD.

When you enroll a rep or a Brand Partner (a rep) you get a commission and get a free Nerium AD bottle.

In 2012, Nerium International gave away over $10,000,000 of their core product to customers and brand partners.

Who gives away that much of their core #1 best selling and only product?

No one does this!

Nerium Reviews – Start Up Options

There are two business packs, $499 for 4 bottles of Nerium AD and 4 bottles of Nerium Day Cream or $999 for 10 bottles of Nerium AD, 10 bottles of Nerium Day Cream and 2 tubes of NeriumFirm.

It is interesting to know that half of the materials found in the kit are about developing the person and not selling the product or making money.

Here are the key points for your nerium reviews of the Nerium Comp Plan:

Step 1) Help people enroll their first 3 people (get a 10% check match)

Step 2) Help your first 3 enroll 3 (you get an iPad)

Step 3) Help your first 3 get an iPad (you get Lexus Car Bonus)

Step 4) Help 12 people get a Lexus Bonus (you get a $50,000 Bonus, plus a full time residual income)

Right Place Right Time

The people who are involved with Nerium are sitting in seats that have never been sat in before because Nerium…

  • doesn’t play games
  • is based on are real science
  • is doing it right

Nerium is going to build a legitimate company that will be with your family for generations to come.

I invite you to join my Nerium team. Click here to join now! 

We are building serious momentum now and if you are looking to join Nerium don’t let another day go by without getting involved.

A Proven Leader and Coach for You

My guess is since you are still reading this you are serious about starting a Nerium business.

The component in the formula for success that many inexperienced people make is the join with a family member or a friend with no business experience or success in this profession.

That’s a huge mistake.

If you want to get from where you are to where you want to go in the shortest about of time, you want to partner with a leader with a proven track record.

You can check me out by watching some of the video testimonials below or click here to read some of my testimonial.

Like Nerium, I’m the real deal.

If you want to learn more about me, then watch my Road to Freedom story.

It began with my 8 years old son asking me, “Dad, do you still love me?”

You see, for me, it has always been about creating a better quality of life for myself. My passion is to help others to do the same.

I can help you.

Your Next Step

If you see what I saw in this company, we should probably talk about a partnership.


Click Here to Join Now with a Success or Premier Pack and Get a FREE Bottle of NeriumAD

Call me  at 919-528-9162 if you have questions.

When you join with me, we are in this together and we’ll make it happen.

Allow me to lend a hand in your success!










Terry Petrovick

Business Developer


Structured Data, Review
Title: Nerium Reviews – MUST Watch Videos
Reviewed by Terry Petrovick on Sep 3
Rating: 5.0
Summary: Nerium Reviews – What’s Really Going On?
Description: Nerium International is currently experiencing record sales. In this Nerium Review the truth is revealed from an insider.
Nerium Reviews-What\'s REALLY Going On?
Nerium Reviews-What\'s REALLY Going On?
Nerium Reviews - What's REALLY Going On?
Terry Petrovick
When a company breaks so many industry records, people want to know what is going on and how is it happening. This article reveals all!
Nerium International is currently experiencing record sales. In this Nerium Review the truth is revealed from an insider.

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