Nerium Compensation Plan Review

Nerium International exists for a single purpose: to Make People Better.

Since this translates into improving people’s lives inside and out, Nerium International rewards you with a lucrative and innovative way to earn income.

The Nerium business or compensation plan as it is sometimes called is based on an easily duplicated business model leveraging relationship marketing.

1. Join Nerium International as a Brand Partner

2. Enroll in the Auto-Delivery Order (ADO) Program, $80/month (1 bottle of NeriumAD)

3. Sponsor and maintain 3 Preferred Customers and your next month’s product is FREE

4. Fast Start Qualify in your first 30 days

5. Sponsor other Brand Partners and coach them to complete steps 2-5

Brand Partners Simply Do Two Things:

1. Build a customer base and earn 10-25% commissions.

2. Build a team of Brand Partners and earn commissions and bonuses.

That’s the core of the Nerium pay plan.

The Nerium Comp Plan in 6 minutes

Details of the Nerium business plan

This post is jam packed with information for the purpose helping you to really understanding how to maximize the Nerium Comp Plan and to help you build a successful Nerium business.  If you follow these strategies you will be ahead of 95% of the other brand partners in Nerium.

You can also click here to download the Nerium Compensation Plan pdf

The Complete Nerium International Compensation Plan Review

The Nerium Compensation Plan Pays you VERY Well

Nerium Comp Plan Pays

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by Terry Petrovick

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